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A small batch neighborhood bakery and market born and bred in Oregon City.


Grano is a small batch neighborhood bakery and market born and bred in Oregon City.


Our mission is community

Our purpose is bread.


We believe that every meal is a small food revolution. To this end we source primarily local grains and ingredients to make our rotating menu of artisanal sourdoughs and hearty pastries. We stock our retail shelves with products made by other local food entrepreneurs who are also thinking about the integrity of the entire food chain. In this way, we can be a small business incubator, a platform to launch other start-up businesses with the same idea: food is medicine.


Daily Menu


Country Sourdough

Olive Country Loaf

Country Toast Loaf


Demi-baguette & Seeded Demi

Spelt Pullman

Seeded Spelt


Brioche (available after 9:30am)



Daily Specials Menu


Tuesday - Golden Raisin and Flax

Wednesday - Fougasse

Thursday - Light Rye w/ Caraway

Friday - Oatmeal Porridge

Saturday - Bakers Choice! (rotating selection)

Sunday - Honey, Blue Cornmeal



Now serving lunch! A daily rotation of deli salads, sandwiches and soup available from 11am to 2pm Tuesday through Saturday


Veggies Sandwich
house made white bean spread, house pesto, roasted rapini and agrodolce onions

Ham Sandwich
Revel Meat ham, house pickles, whole grain mustard and butter

Finocchiona Salad
finocchiona salami, pickled fennel, garbanzo bean, pepitas and pickled celery

Chicken Salad
buttermilk roasted chicken, celery, apple, toasted walnuts and smokey blue cheese


(please note this is a representation of the lunch menu, selection changes daily!)